Advantages and Disadvantages of Travel Insurance

Everyone loves to go on holidays and there is definitely more to think about when traveling overseas to a foreign country. What should be on the top of anyone who is traveling? The answer is travel insurance, but some people do not see the importance so let us look at this from both sides.

O.K. Here we go! On the one side of things, there is Pro; In Favor:

The leading point favoring the use of travel insurance is the fact that medical attention overseas is extremely expensive.

The 2nd supporting point will be at any time some or all of your luggage can be lost in transit at the start of your trip, which could spell disaster without insurance.

A 3rd favorable point is valuables get stolen, lost or misplaced even though the sentimental part of the item has gone at least you will be able to replace what you have lost if you have taken out insurance.

A 4th support point in favor will be age now a days is no barrier to not taking out insurance to cover you, this means people of any age can take out travel insurance for any non pre-existing medical condition.

Lastly, the fifth reason for support is going to be if whatever reason either through work or family commitments you can not travel, you will be able to make a claim on the insurance rather than losing the funds for your trip.

And on the reverse side, for balance, the Con side, against:

The first point in contra for travel insurance is that it will not happen to me syndrome and with not taking out insurance it is going to be more money in my pocket.

And the second negative point is why do I need insurance I am young and healthy and never sick.

The third point in contra is going to be I travel all the time and I have never had a problem.

A fourth negative point will be I am really careful with my valuables when I travel so I would be wasting money on buying something that I will not use.

And 5th and last, although not necessarily the least, consideration against is I am prepared to take the gamble and not take out any insurance.

So there we have all the arguments for each side.

Finally then, what is the “bottom line” here? Is travel insurance is really a must when traveling?

The reply seems to be “Yes” to this question! You, the reader will have to choose which side, the good or the bad, outweighs the other.