As the World Turns for Oandaradio Currency Trading

The future of Oandaradio currency trading would be bright indeed, if it were invented at all. For the fact is, Oanda, the name synonymous to online foreign exchange trading would get a big boost if all that timely and relevant information about currency trading were made available by radio wave frequency. As it is right now, the company named OANDA, which some people prefer to type in all capitals as shown, already controls 20{3b63f2b93addb01cd0650b04902555609b90507e3f2ce2f684711c3a8631e3e2} of the Internet forex trading business. Get free Forex Trading Videos.

While there are no indications from the company if there are any plans soon, information is currently available via mobile communication in the form of text messages available on the fly enroute to the next Blackberry or Android smart phone device. The firm was founded in 1995 by an IT professor from the University of Toronto in Canada. Because the business was set up on solid ground, the year the Internet Bubble burst did not affect the corporation at all.

The business owners are the first to say that the chosen company name is neither an acronym nor the name of some remote African town, although it does sound like it. Still, there is no denying that the name has come fairly close to becoming regarded as a currency of its own, when even the mighty Google lumps the word Oanda along with rupee, shilling, and pesos in its money keyword search.

The company not only offers a forex platform for Web savvy investors who prefer to deal in currency stocks online rather than anyway else. Apparently, up to sixty percent of the world’s forex transactions are seamlessly taking place in Oanda servers. For a market that only sleeps during the weekend and deals at a rate closely approximating $4 trillion daily, a dependable suite of online trading and analysis tools which the firm offers, is critical to the mission and hence, cannot afford to fail.

In the world’s biggest and most volatile financial market, reliability is key and the company has clearly demonstrated this trait in both the capacity of its Internet servers and the robustness of its software suite. Now just imagine how the bastion of free market competition codenamed only as forex could benefit from radio frequency updates from Oanda equipment to every investor.

It is not unheard of, and certainly not a bad idea to turn on the radio and listen to Oandaradio currency trading news. After all, although hands free or Bluetooth devices are widely available to today’s drivers, there is nothing like listening to the radio for updates on the world’s most watched currencies. It is doubtful that anyone will object since listening to the news is second nature among motorists.