Attraction Marketing – A Very Counter-Intuitive Way Of Building Your MLM Business!

Struggling in building your MLM Business?

This could be why…

In my years of experience building a MLM business, I learned one approach that many people might view as unconventional.

I’ve learned to give more for less, even if that means I have to give away more information, share my resources and help more people along the way.

In the past, I thought this approach was counter intuitive and that it would hurt my bottom line, just wasting my time as I was not trying to “get”before I would “give”. Surprisingly, it did the exact opposite.

What a fool…

Because of the nature of the MLM business, I was too eager to just “sign up people” who I knew had the potential to strengthen my business and earn me more profit. For me, down lines were just what they were; people who are in your team or network and are supposed to build their MLM business themselves and make you rich. How wrong of a perception that was!

I was too caught up with the idea that my down lines will make ME rich, make ME successful, earn me MY first million dollar, dream house and dream car. I was chasing my dream away, not knowing any better. One day I figured that something was amiss. Regardless of how hard I worked trying to enroll more people in my network and urging them to do the same, my business was not earning as much as it should. All my expectations were failing and my network was crumbling right under my nose.

It was then that I realized that it was not my network that was wrong. I had the right people. I was just not taking care of them and their MLM Business like I should have.

I hate to admit it but what I’ve been doing is pursuing my prospective down line aggressively, convincing them that it’s going to be their loss if they don’t grab the opportunity. I was doing the so-called power play. If you are in a relationship where you are put in a spot where the other person’s success is at your expense, it usually makes you want to disappear. This is especially true when they make it sound as if it’s all about you when in fact, it’s just to benefit them.

Flipping the perception of your MLM Business

If you consider another type of relationship where you actually care for the person, you will find that you end up giving more even if that means you get little or nothing in return.

When you feel attached to the people in your team and genuinely want to help them in their efforts, you are compelled to give more of your time, efforts and energy as well as your support and encouragements.

Based on the fundamental rules of the law of attraction, the more you give, the more you will receive in return. But do not expect to get anything in return. You will get 10x back if you know in your heart that you are really trying to help without waiting for something back. That is something everybody should practice not only in their personal lives but also in business.

Try it too. You’ll be surprised!

As the adage says, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

In terms of my MLM business, I am now practicing giving more. I share my knowledge and expertise to people who need it so that they too, can succeed in this ever-growing industry. As far as my income is concerned, there is no doubt that my business is growing faster as a result.

You may just be starting out and not sure how to give first. Here are a few things you can do to create the value you can share with people:

  • Write useful blog posts (just like this one, at least I believe it is useful).
  • Create “how-to” videos about a tool that you use or a marketing method you are trying out.
  • Share the link to a webinar you just watch with an explanation what benefits people will get when they watch it.
  • Connect with people on social media sites or, even better, on the phone. Ask how you can help without asking for anything in return, no pitch.
  • Share your experience in your MLM business. What you have learned, what you are doing. People love stories. Why not sharing yours?

If you want to build a successful MLM business, you too should practice giving more without expecting anything in return.