How I Chose My Gold and Silver MLM Business

A lot of people have been touting Gold and Silver MLM Business opportunities over the past year, especially in Numis Network. Today I wanted to share with you why I chose to further diversify my business lineup with the addition of Preservation of Wealth to my business portfolio and why I did not choose Numis or one of the other players in this market segment.

Throughout the ages gold and silver have been precious commodities used for trade. Even though world currencies have come and gone, these metals have continued to remain in demand. In 1972 when President Nixon took the U.S. Dollar off of the gold standard, these metals became a protection against the uncertainty of our debt based currency system. In our modern times of global economic instability these metals are in great demand.

The other side of this picture is the growing interest in home based business. The downturn in hiring and the environment of corporate downsizing has brought this demand to a feverish pitch. That is what makes a home network marketing business built on the accumulation of precious metals so appealing.

My viewpoint is somewhat different from the recruiting pitch I have been hearing over the past year. The real market for these products is not coin collectors, although some may be drawn to the business model. The real market are those individuals who know that the accumulation of precious metals as a hard asset is a smart financial move, especially in light of a weak dollar. The business model of the company was also an important consideration. With that perspective in mind, I began examining the companies in this segment of the network marketing universe.

I will very quickly tell you why I eliminated Silver Snowball and XAG Network from my list.

Silver Snowball currently charges $42 + shipping for a Silver Eagle ungraded bullion coin. These same coins are spot selling on the major coin dealer websites for around $29 + shipping. Silver Snowball also limits a buyer to 4 coins per month, which did not make sense for someone really seeking to accumulate bullion.

XAG Network’s website had no contact information other than a web response form. That set my warning bells off immediately and I gave this company no further consideration.

This left me with Numis Network and Preservation of Wealth. Numis Network has a great marketing system that has allowed them to build a substantial business quickly. When looking at the nuts and bolts of the business I found a few things that I felt were not the best for my perspective. To begin with, Numis offers MS-70 Silver Eagles on a $99 autoship each month. When comparing with large national coin dealers, that price was typically above the average for the same coins, plus my target customer is looking for the silver content, more than they are looking for coin grade. The second concern was the $10 per month back office charge, to fully take advantage of the program, the business owner is looking at nearly $110 in monthly costs. Numis has recently added a Silver Eagle coin to their $75 start up package, which is a nice incentive, but did not justify the long range expense in my mind.

Preservation of Wealth ended up being my choice for a few key reasons. Number one it is not focused on coin collectors, but instead on people wanting to accumulate precious metals. The annual membership fee of $250 allows members to buy any quantity of gold and silver at cost. In comparing the price of their optional monthly coin shipment with the major coin dealers, the price was equal to or in some cases better than the prices offered by the larger national dealers. Additionally the monthly coin shipment is half the price of the Numis autoship. For the same $100 that a person would spend on a monthly one ounce coin from Numis, that same person could purchase 4 ounces of silver. This is certainly a much better scenario from an asset accumulation standpoint. From a business standpoint there is no additional fee for the back office suite of tools. If a person is not interested in accumulating metals, but strictly wants to focus on the business building and sales component, they could sign up for the $50 annual Sales Rep package and operate their business for half of the cost of a similar Numis business.

These were my decision points as I chose my gold and silver MLM business. I trust they will assist you in your choice of business as well.