How I Created My First Marketing Funnel In My Online Network Marketing Business

This article is about how I created my first marketing funnel in my online network marketing business. This marketing funnel was responsible for me earning over $14,000 online.

When I first took my network marketing business online I did not know the POWER of using marketing funnels to grow my business. A marketing funnel (if you do not know) is a marketing piece that will ATTRACT prospects to YOU and then market a pre-planned message to your prospects until they do either one of the following things. They will opt-out of your funnel, stay in your funnel, or purchase your product (s) or service.

If you look at any successful entrepreneur who is successful in their online network marketing business they are MASTERS at creating MARKETING FUNNELS. I simply studied what they were doing and learned how to create a basic marketing funnel. I found the results to be awesome. I remember having my first $3,000 weekend. Basically, I was promoting my partners affiliate course at the time and had already built a sizable email list of prospects. I simply shot out one email to my list and a few of them took action.

You know, many other network marketers have told me that building relationships online and then teaching your team to duplicate is all but impossible. I have learned from experience that this is NOT true. Email marketing is a great way to send out teachable and personal emails to your prospects as well as your team on autopilot. Not only will email marketing brand you as an expert and leader but will build relationships. The trick to success in email marketing is COMMUNICATION. You need to communicate with your list on a daily or semi-daily basis. Not only will email marketing save you time but it will save you money because it works for your online network marketing business 24/7.

I’m going to assume you have NO money to pay someone to create a marketing funnel for you. If this is the case then you can still set up a powerhouse funnel for a few dollars a month. You need to get yourself an autoresponder. Two good ones to use are Getresponse and Aweber. You will use your autoresponder as your backend email marketing campaign.

Next, create a campaign in your autoresponder back office and create a series of messages. You will then create a webform and this will be used to capture your prospects name,email or phone number. Place your webform on all of your websites, social media (Myspace, Facebook, Squidoo) profiles, etc. with a call to action so people will want to learn from you.

You will now be building your list and will be able to market to your prospects for as long as they remain in your funnel.