Lowes employment opportunities go beyond the store employees that provide the initial perception people have of the company. Lowes is ranked number 47 on the Fortune 500 annual ranking of America’s largest corporations, with annual income of more than $48 billion and 229,000 employees. The company has regular job openings in all areas of the business, including accounting, administration, IT, management, treasury, human resources, advertising, public relations and many others. Some of the latest Lowe’s job listings are Assembler, Facility Service Associate, Bilingual Assistant Operations Manager and Distribution Human Resources Coach.

There are dozens of community and private job sites that track and notify interested persons of job opportunities. The Lowe’s Companies, Inc. web site also makes company job openings information available, but it is not the focus of the web site and it therefore takes a bit of navigating to get to the employment opportunities section. The corporate web site focus is on servicing the millions of customers who shop at Lowe’s and is arranged for ease of finding products to purchase and store locations. It is, therefore, easier to find the latest job information and to find it quicker using any of a number of independent job finder sites and services that come up immediately in response to a search request for Lowes jobs or Lowes employment.  

The one thing that is consistent when applying for employment at any large corporation is the necessity of following a process. Expect to have to complete all of the steps of filling out a detailed application, an interview, and an internal company review before you will be notified of a hiring decision.