It’s no news that Facebook is the world’s largest social media network. It has become an essential part of our lives, the way we do business, and an important medium for connecting people worldwide. No doubt, Facebook has come to stay. The choice is now left for you to avail yourself of the opportunity

Facebook offers to reach out to millions of individuals online and get your products and services across.

I would like to use this opportunity to give you a few tips on how to use Facebook to manage your business effectively, especially those who want to run a Medical staffing agency.


The key to posting messages and materials online is in finding the right balance. If you post frequently, there is the tendency for your followers get bored or tired, and subsequently unfollow you. While, if you don’t post regularly, your page won’t be engaging to your followers and you would not be deriving as much value from your page as you should.

There are no predefined templates to follow when posting on Facebook. However, I would suggest you post between once to thrice daily. Also ensure your contents are different for each post. For example as regards to your agency, you could feature one on recruiting, another on medical staffing or something interesting and the last a link to an interesting website or something entirely different.

For the exact content on each post, there are no limit to what you can post. It all depends on your imagination. Here are some suggestions;

Recruiting Events

Job fairs and Special events

Client focused Job postings

Staff Celebrations

Staffing Networks

Recognitions and award events

Special Advertisement for difficult Jobs

There are many more, these are just some suggestions for you to ponder on.

Facebook, just like every other business venture is in it mainly for the profit. Notwithstanding, they offer advertisement rates which are in comparison one of the cheapest you would find anywhere in the online/digital marketing sphere. You are reaching out to millions of people and at the same time for minimal cost. The most interesting part is you get to target/focus on a specific market or client niche or the even particular workforce you want to reach.

In other for Facebook to accept your boost, you would have to make sure your post includes a picture and doesn’t compromise of mostly text. From experience, I have come to the conclusion that the best kind of posts to boost are those that have links to specific job postings.

These links should include pictures as well as a call to action, like a phone number or an email address included in its text. The reason being job postings usually don’t get as much attention as fun posts.

Facebook posts sometimes are not visible to all your followers even if you boost such posts. Tagging is a way to ensure your followers get to see your post. This is done by typing the @ symbol and then the person’s name afterwards, usually Facebook brings up a list of suggestions as you start typing the name. This way, the person you tagged along with a couple of his friends are guaranteed to see your post.

Avail yourself of this opportunity and tag as many followers and friends as you can. However, this should be done with a level of reasoning and discrimination. It’s not an ideal scenario tagging people that have nothing to do with your post or do not belong to the relevant workforce (for job related posts).

On a final note, try and encourage as many people as you can to tag any of their friends who might be interested in the job on your post (for post relating to jobs and recruitment).

This tags are usually added in the comments section of the post.

With minimal cost and a lot of effort, you can convert your Facebook page into a mini staffing network and also a great recruiting avenue that would provide maximum returns for your business.