The objective social venture network conference is to bring social entrepreneurs together in a vibrant way in order to find new ways of creating just economy, to share their experiences and resources and to strengthen their collective influence so as to lead sustainable enterprises. This kind of conference is a platform intended for sharing the ideas that could support and enhance the insights of the participating entrepreneurs.

The conference further helps in increasing connections that help in accelerating the objectives of social change and business. This network conference assists the participating members to learn from acknowledged experts and distinguished peers. It enables entrepreneurs to gain an insight into social enterprise’s future and to capitalize from its growing trends.

This is a network of socially responsible business leaders who are committed towards building a sustainable and just world by sustaining business through social and environmental means. It is aimed towards providing a number of objectives including annual conference, social venture institutes, arranging local member gatherings and member community forums.

A number of other organizations have been launched around the social venture network platform. These organizations have emerged in different spheres of social entrepreneurship – in corporate and business ethics and social responsibility spheres. This also works by releasing series of books with the particular objective of developing businesses that are socially responsible.

Social venture network innovation awards are given out to empower emerging enterprise leaders to take benefits from the resources and network of social investors. These awards also help the leaders to get connected with accomplished members of social venture network, and take their work to the global level. In order to qualify for awards, the applicants need to hold positions of leadership in nonprofit or business based organizations. The recipients of the award are selected on the basis of their ideas intended to change the way business is done in the world. The idea is required to be implemented within the past few years and it should have the capacity to create a positive social impact on the business environment.

The gathering at social venture network conference invites the members to participate in a dialogue addressing questions that matter to business leaders, social entrepreneurs and activists. The new members of this social venture network are invited for authentic conversations with accomplished change leaders. This process acts as a better inspiration for them for years to come. By getting them together and helping them establish networks, they will be able to change the world for the better.