Some Helpful Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Business

Recently I have been thinking about where I’m going in my business. I mentioned this to a friend who helps people do such visioning work, and she basically replied, ‘Yeah, sometimes I look at what you’re doing and wonder where the heck you ARE going.’

Oh… you mean, I was supposed to have a plan? Actually, the idea of running my business with a plan is starting to feel REALLY, REALLY good!

I may not be alone when I confess that the way I’ve always run my business is just to… run it. In more than ten years of doing this, I’ve never had a business plan. Never even had a set of goals. When I get ideas or inspirations, I do them – unless they just don’t make any sense at all. Which is why this year I’ve already offered classes on speaking, publishing, and now the Spiritual Marketing Telesummit. All of which may seem vaguely unrelated… unless you look closely.

My only business ‘plan’ to date has been to create stuff that my people – platform builders – find useful. And all of these apparently disparate offerings ARE actually targeted towards one end goal: to become better known. I figure as long as I’m serving the cause, pretty much anything goes.

And yet, at the end of the day, I feel like I need to get organized; have a long term agenda of some kind. At least have SOME idea where I’m leading my people.

My buddies Lisa Sasevich and Kevin Nations recently led an excellent 3-day workshop in Las Vegas which I was lucky enough to attend. At it, they made an offer for a mastermind group, in which participants had to apply by answering a series of questions. I looked at those questions and realized they were some of the questions I really needed to be asking myself.

To that end, I’ve adapted Lisa and Kevin’s questions. I’m answering these questions right now for myself… and looking at what I don’t know that it would be smart to identify. I invite you to do the same. Take a crack – your answers may surprise you.

Describe your business.

– How do you currently market your biz?
– What would you do with your business if you had ten times more courage?
– What are you most proud of accomplishing in your business to date?

Describe your dream for your company in five years.

– What’s the dream for your company in ten years?
– What area(s) of weakness currently keeps you from meeting your goals?
– What part of your business brings you the greatest satisfaction and joy?
– What part of your business causes you discomfort or frustration?
– If you could fix anything about your business, and make it run seamlessly, what would it be?
– How else would you like to serve your people?