When you read this entry, you are minutes away your first legal business with Google and you will earn money soon. I’m sure about it. The matter is how much you can earn with Adsense. Look at this site “Adsense Tips and Tricks” although I don’t have much traffic, but I can earn 1$ per day. If you have lots of traffic and you set up your site beautifully, you will earn much. This tutorial will show you how to register a AdSense account.

Before signing up for an AdSense account, you MUST have a website. Don’t create any website but choose the site that you contribute to it for a long time, and you have lot of content on this site. If AdSense team accesses your site in order to approve your application and finds out that your site is not well-established, or under-construction, your application will be rejected.

The application form is simple, just fill in the form with your TRUE information. The approval process can take from 2 days to a week. Just be patient, and wait for Google email.

Opps, I forgot to mention that you should have a Gmail account to facilitate all login/account stuffs.

Last but not least, these are “taboos” that you have to avoid when working with Adsense:

Don’t click on the Google ads you’re serving through AdSense.

Don’t place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads.

Don’t place ads on sites involved in the distribution of copyrighted materials.

Don’t place ads on sites that include pornographic content.