Save Time and Money With Construction Staffing Services

There are 5 reasons temporary construction staffing services can help you get your projects done on time while helping you boost your bottom line at the same time!

  1. You save money when you pay for the tradesmen you need, not the tradesmen you don’t!
  2. Using staffing services will boost your labor productivity and therefore increase your profit.
  3. You reduce administrative costs.
  4. You don’t have to worry about recruiting and hiring management.
  5. There is always a 100{3b63f2b93addb01cd0650b04902555609b90507e3f2ce2f684711c3a8631e3e2} satisfaction guarantee with construction staffing services from a legitimate staffing agency.

By using temporary construction staffing services, your business will reap the benefits of having the right people when and where you need them without the overhead and hassle of maintaining a construction workforce. So that you can focus on your construction project and not administrative work, a labor staffing agency will manage all construction labor costs such as recruitment, training, payroll taxes, drug screening, health and unemployment insurance, vacation time, sick leave and other labor costs are all managed by us.

Benefits of outsourcing your skilled labor needs include:

  1. Pay for the tradesmen you need, not the tradesmen you don’t! Transform your construction labor costs into a true variable cost by only paying for skilled labor when you need it. Construction projects can change without any warning, and that’s why it’s helpful to rely on a temporary construction staffing services agency to supplement your needs at a moment’s notice. With temporary construction staffing, you can add as many or as little skilled laborers as you need to complement your core team of construction workers. And, you don’t have to worry about paying the costs associated with full-time employees.
  2. Increase revenues and labor productivity. The flexibility of a temporary construction staff is an obvious choice for contractors. When your project is delayed, costs will increase as you add more work days and push your project completion day further back. From unexpected illnesses to increased demands with your current construction project, a temporary skilled labor staff can be added anytime to your core team of professionals so that you will not lose any time working in the field.
  3. Reduce administrative costs. By hiring a temporary construction staffing agency, you reduce unemployment costs, reduce your workers comp exposure and premiums (eliminating risk of a catastrophic injury that could cost you profits for years), reduce costs and time associated with hiring. A specialized staffing agency will also perform background checks on all tradesmen to guarantee certifications and physicals are up-to-date. In addition, construction staffing agencies relieve you from most of the responsibilities associated with payroll, including all employment-related tax filings, obtaining employee benefits, and ensuring compliance with a multitude of safety requirements, etc.
  4. Recruiting and hiring management. Finding candidates who are skilled and reliable is only half the battle. A temporary construction staffing agency provides services that will relieve you from routine human resource tasks so you have the time to focus on the details of your construction plans and meeting your project deadlines. With a labor staffing agency, you save yourself the hassle of posting a job and conducting the search for the perfect candidate. You spend less time sorting through resumes and applications, background checks and drug screenings.
  5. 100{3b63f2b93addb01cd0650b04902555609b90507e3f2ce2f684711c3a8631e3e2} satisfaction guarantee. With temporary construction staffing services, a guarantee is usually offered. You need to find a labor staffing agency that stands behind its services and it committed to providing the most reliable, responsible skilled labor staffing in the construction market. Many agencies offer a 100{3b63f2b93addb01cd0650b04902555609b90507e3f2ce2f684711c3a8631e3e2} satisfaction guarantee where if a member of their skilled labor staff does not exceed your expectations within the first 8 hours, they will immediately send a replacement without billing your for the original trades person.

When it comes to construction staffing, you should look for a labor staffing agency that can fulfill all of your temporary skilled labor needs. Using the list above, look for an agency that offers a variety of human resource management services and has a satisfaction guarantee. These comprehensive construction staffing services will give you everything you need to enhance your bottom line. Save time, save money, and build better with a temporary construction staffing services agency.