Optional Practical Training Physical Therapist Jobs

Optional Practical Training (OPT) is the consent given for students having F-1 immigration status to obtain part-time or full-time provisional jobs in the United States. Through optional practical training jobs, talented physical therapists can gather sufficient experience by practically applying their academic knowledge in actual off campus environments.

OPT Develops Your Aptitude and Confidence

The significant advantage offered by OPT jobs is that these enhance the degree of confidence as well as the aptitude of the candidates. With such a strong foundation one can work skillfully in different healthcare settings such as rehabilitation clinics, physician’s offices, multi-specialty hospitals, acute care clinics, nursing homes, long term healthcare facilities, home healthcare agencies and so on.

Requirements for Undergoing Optional Practical Training

The approval for optional practical training is provided by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). For undertaking OPT jobs, the students must have registered with USCIS approved schools for a minimum period of nine successive months. In addition, they must be maintaining valid F-1 status at the time of the application.

Candidates fulfilling all these criteria can utilize OPT job opportunities in the following four ways:

• On part-time basis (that is, when the school is in session)

• During annual vacation and at other times as part-time or full-time

• After the completion of the course requirements for degree (should be before submitting the thesis or dissertation)

• After getting the degree

Recently, the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has extended the duration of optional practical training from 12 to 29 months. This provides the students with another opportunity to improve their knowledge by working in their related field of study for a longer period of time.

Utilize Reliable Staffing Services to Find Perfect OPT Jobs

Understanding the requirements of qualified physical therapists and physical therapy students, numerous healthcare staffing solution providers in the United States are offering valuable services in finding optional practical training jobs in reputable healthcare settings. Registering with reliable staffing agencies also helps you to obtain permanent placements carrying industry-best emoluments and benefits.