Pros: The streamlined and easy to use software has new features which gives trade analysis and advanced reporting in fraction of time.

Cons: No support of commercial antivirus software for checking virus in the published files.

OTrader provides everything a private trader needs to efficiently manage his or her portfolio in a cost effective manner. The advanced trade analysis underlines the profitable aspects of trading, so that money can be placed appropriately for maximum results.



o makes accurate trading accounts and prepares quick profit and loss accounts;

o plan the trade before placing the capital at risk;

o trading plan check list improves potential returns and trading discipline;

o management of trade with profit targets, stop losses and financial year end reporting;

o Review of trade to establish trade strengths and check weaknesses.

Portfolio Management-

o Simple and quick trade entry screens for up to date, efficient and fast portfolio

o Powerful financial position report to make well informed trading decisions

o Ability to track options, stocks, futures, warrants, CFD’s, Managed Funds, trade financing costs and dividends;

o Updated trade prices from yahoo finance or connection with existing data source using DDE.


Platform: Otrader is designed for windows platform only. For using on a Mac computer, an emulater should be used.

Number of users: As the Otrader provides single user license, the software can be run only on a single computer. However multiple licenses can be created by online activation process with a nominated fee.

Bottom Line:

By purchase the OTrader software, you are actually getting keys for your valuable trading vault to unlock the hidden potential. You will begin to realize the logic behind the trading decision and enhance your trading performance.