When I started my business, small business experts kept asking me, “do you have a business plan?,” or “do you know your competitors?”

Not one person on my journey ever said to me, “do you have an emotional business plan?” or “do you know your self?” Most businesses fail to thrive because the owner is not aware that certain emotional hurdles need to be overcome.

It took me a painful while to figure out that whatever dogs me in life will follow me into my business. Your business isn’t some separate place you visit where you leave your emotions outside on a hanger. They go wherever you go. It’s important to get a handle on what emotions flare up when you step into your business. Once you become aware of your emotional triggers, you can try to make peace with them.

If you cannot live on your pricing, take a look at what’s standing between you and setting prices that reflect the greatness you bring to your clients.

If you cannot say no to client demands, take a look at what’s keeping you from setting humane boundaries for yourself.

If you cannot move your business to a new vista, take a look at what keeps you from seeing business as an adventure.

If you cannot show love to your business, take a look at why you opened this kind of business in the first place.

Being a human is all about emotion, even in business. Any one who tells you otherwise isn’t telling you the business truth.