The Online MLM Mastermind System – Saved My Business

First off, let me give you a brief overview of who the genius behind the Mastermind System is. Jonathan Budd has become one of the most successful internet marketers in the industry in less than two years. He went from having little to no down line to the top producer in two separate companies by the time he was twenty-four years old.

Using attraction marketing, web 2.0 technology, and being just an incredible mentor and friend to those who he surrounds himself with, Jonathan has made his mark in the Online MLM community.

The timing and quality of the MLM Mastermind System is unparallel to anything in the industry.

The System was designed nearly a year now and when released back in April of 2008 has seen incredible success in the industry. With a multitude of customizable web capture pages, the system can save you thousands in cost due to not having to hire a web designer, copywriter, or a programmer to keep up on the website maintenance. The rigorous testing alone that the MLM Mastermind System has gone through is worth thousands of dollars in itself.

Two of the most pleasing aspects of the Online MLM Mastermind System is how simple it is when integrating it into your Get Response Auto responder account. Many systems generate leads for the system owner, but not this system. All the leads that are generated within the system are place into your marketing funnel, giving you the ability to market your business and your affiliate products for the rest of time.

The second feature to the system is the tracking URLS that will allow you to set up different marketing campaigns so you will know exactly where the traffic is coming to. With a simple analytics that even the newest marketer can understand. Understanding your source of traffic is one of the most powerful aspects to running a successful online marketing business. You have to filter your good traffic sources from your bad traffic sources so that you know where to spend your time.

The third feature to the system is that it comes with step by step training to give you a running head start when it comes to using the internet as a marketing medium. The training included in the back office of the system will literally walk you through the steps of using social media marketing, PPC, and tons more free and paid marketing mediums.

On a scale of one to ten I definitely give Jonathan Budd’s system a ten out of ten. (10 out of 10) I would definitely take the time to evaluate the mastermind system given the fact that you can test drive the system for 2 weeks for only one dollar ($1.00). And if for any reason you are not satisfied you can cancel your membership with no strings attached.

So in short, the MLM Mastermind System is one of the most powerful business building tools on the internet for lead generation and list building.